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Enrichment Activities

In order to enrich the children’s learning experience we offer the following opportunities:


Tuesday – the children join in with ‘Wild Play’, a Forest School session which takes place in the ‘Secret Garden’ in the grounds of Camelsdale Primary School.  The children take part in a programme of activities, such as: building dens, hunting for minibeasts, using tools, making wild music… and a lot more!  All of the activities are designed to encourage the children to look closely at the world around them and feel confident in exploring a natural environment.


Thursday – Miss Maureen comes to run a dance session with the children, which develops both their physical and creative skills.  The session begins by warming up with a few fun routines and then the children dance to a story that gradually unfolds as the session progresses.


Friday – the children join Suzie for a fun packed music and movement session with Suzie Songtime.

We believe that these extra activities have a great impact on the children’s time at Preschool.

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