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The Management of Our Setting


Camelsdale Preschool is a Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered number 1167337. The CIO is a body in membership of the Pre-school Learning Alliance.

The charity works for the public benefit having as its objects the development and education of children and young people in particular by: 

  1. promoting their care and safety; 

  2. promoting their education and promoting parental involvement; 

  3. promoting their health and wellbeing; 

  4. providing services to support them and their families and carers; 

  5. providing services to individuals holding membership of the CIO; and 

  6. furthering the aims of the Pre-school Learning Alliance. 


The CIO is governed by an adopted Constitution, which is reviewed and re-adopted at the annual AGM.

Membership of the CIO


Family membership is available to the parents or guardians of all children who attend. Each family holding family membership will count as one member of the CIO and will be entitled to one vote at any general meetings of the members of the CIO.


Affiliate membership of the CIO is open to anyone who is interested in furthering its purposes. A member may be an individual or corporate body, or an individual or corporate body representing an organisation which is not incorporated.  Each individual or organisation holding affiliate membership will count as one member of the CIO and will be entitled to one vote at any general meetings of the members of the CIO. 

Charity trustees

The charity trustees shall manage the affairs of the CIO and may for that purpose exercise all the powers of the CIO. The role of the trustees includes:

  • managing the setting’s finances;

  • employing and managing the staff;

  • making sure that the setting has, and works to, policies that help it to provide a high-quality service;

  • making sure that the setting works in partnership with the children’s parents;

  • ensure requirements of the Statutory Framework are met in order to meet Ofsted requirements.


General meetings


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in approximately 12-month intervals. All Members are invited to attend the AGM, at which the following will be discussed:

  • the annual statement of accounts (duly audited or examined where applicable); 

  • the trustees’ annual report; and 

  • election of trustees as required under clause 13 (Appointment of charity trustees) of the Constitution

Current trustees

Kat Carney - Chair


Amy Beck

Hannah Mackie


Harriet Roberts

Mary Hayman

Sophie Firth

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